Craniosacral Therapy and Osteopathy Bioenergetic Cellular (OBC)

are intended to

relieve headaches, pain, muscle tension, whiplash, tinnitus, discomfort in the back, shoulder, neck, jaw, spine curvature (scoliosis), disc problems, pelvic obliquity, leg length difference, joint and hip pain, strengthen the body’s resources after injuries or accidents, help balance the entire motion system of the body.

Therapy sessions


and provide an answer to symptoms of hyperactivity and sleep disorders, provide support in situation of difficult life’s episodes and burnout.


are particularly receptive

to craniosacral therapy and Osteopathy Bioenergetic Cellular (OBC) and I support them on their level.

Or without the slightest symptom

you can simply enjoy

the harmonizing, liberating and energizing effect of a treatment and thus enhance your well-being.

Before the first treatment

we explore in a conversation

together the basis for the treatment. After the session we exchange our feelings, sensations and experiences.
During the treatment, you rest comfortably and dressed on a massage table. During the session, I contact different parts of the body gently and conscientiously, so by listening to the body motion I can support you to your internal recovery processes.